My First Feature

I responded to an ad on Craigslist at the beginning of September.  It was an ad looking for people to cook and write about food.  You had to submit a writing sample, so I directed them to my (other) blog at Kat Cooks Bakes Eats.

Last week I receieved an email from one of the owners.  We batted emails back and forth for a bit…sample recipes from me, who they are from her, phone numbers…and after a short phone call a meeting was set up for the Santa Monica farmers market on Wednesday.

I came home with a bag full of produce and a head full of ideas.  If they liked what I did, I would be featured in their weekly newsletter, showcasing recipes and ideas for the following week’s box of fruits and vegetables.

Well…they liked me!  They really liked me!  If you get a chance, check them out at FarmBoxLA.  You can also download the newsletter with my recipes here:  30 September Newsletter.

I look forward to working with them again soon!