Citrus Burst

Los Angeles has been experiencing a cold snap for the past few days.  I’m not talking about a slight chill in the air, but a frost advisory night after night.  The lettuces that were growing in my window box have all but wilted thanks to this weather and I have been wearing layers and long sleeves…and that’s indoors!  Now today, it’s wet and rainy with a canopy of grey clouds.

So in the midst of all this Winter weather, I tried my hand at marmalade.  The grocer’s produce bins have been chock full of citrus fruits.  Navel, Cara Cara, and Moro oranges are aplenty.  With an Ina Garten recipe that was easy as pie, I have two jars of marmalade at the ready–blood orange and orange marmalade from Navels.  I halved the recipe for my use and didn’t let it sit overnight before the second boil.  I let it cool for 5-6 hours only.  My new favourite breakfast is toast topped with homemade ricotta cheese and marmalade.

citrus1 marmalade1.1