I know, I know…

…I’ve been away for awhile.  Too long of a while.  Sometimes I wonder if I spread myself too thin.  Stretching my Maven(ness) of Social Media over too many waves.  Though they each have a purpose (at least in my mind they do); each have an audience to cultivate.  

Do they overlap?  Yes.  Too much?  Maybe.  

But for the time being…let’s set all those questions and doubts aside.  Instead…let me direct you here:

Semplice Gourmet

There’s been a little updating…with more on the way.  You can also find the link to the Semplice Gourmet Etsy shop through the website.  

And remember…if you’re in the Los Angeles area and find yourself too busy to make all the things you need for that little get together you’re having on Thursday night; just want to send cookies to a friend who has been there when you needed her; or just want to treat yourself…look at Semplice Gourmet.